Welcome to my web site, while I may not publish many things here about myself, it shall serve as a repository for news items, code snippets, data relating to Linux and other items I find valuable and worthy of retaining.

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Amateur Radio

A good introduction to Amateur Radio can be found at http://www.arrl.org/hamradio.html and www.hello-radio.org.   Amateur Radio is and exceptional hobby to be enjoyed by all, have a look at some of the things this great hobby has to offer, I hope you find it as fascinating as I have.

For propagation information check out the Propagation Resource Center at http://hfradio.org/propagation.html

Thinking about moving to Linux?

If your thinking about using or moving to Linux, then these resources should be very helpful.

A good list of popular Linux distributions can be found at http://distrowatch.com/ and another list that looks very complete can be found at http://www.linux.org.


Linux, My operating system of choice

I have been using Linux since 1995 in the server environment, and have not willingly used anything else, in Aug. 2001 I made my move to Linux for my desktop.

I have grown to love the Gentoo Linux distribution by using it as my personal computers operating system, it has proven it's performance and reliability, as well as ease of management and operation.

Gentoo Linux is a source based distribution, and utilizing it's portage system of package management makes for easier updates and for me, an end to the dependancy issues that I always ran into with RPM based distributions.

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